R.A.N. Author Enterprise

Shipping & Returns

Memberships & Services will be online only.  No shipping details will be applicable. 

Books purchased through this site may not be returned, as they will be signed by the author, unless you are redirected to an Amazon site where you will purchase there. In that case, only Amazon may offer refunds. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Memberships are $75 annually and those member benefits are expressed in our Networking page.  The $75 may not be refunded.  If you wish to attend meetups or gathering for events additional costs may be charged. Those upfront fees will be discussed and approved before the event.  

Services are provided for an hourly cost of $60, a membership monthly fee of $250 for 7 hourly consults, and finally, a paid 10 sessions monthly fee per month of $500 for ghostwriting. These services cannot be refunded.  You will have the option of a 7 day free trial for the monthly services. After the trial is over you may cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice and credible reason for cancellation. If our coaches are investing time and energy in your product, the services for the months paid cannot be exchanged or returned. 

Shipping Policy