How We Invest In You

Your book is your legacy. Becoming an author can change your life—not to mention give you the ability to impact thousands, even millions, of people.

But writing a book isn’t easy. As a bestselling author, I can tell you: this journey is one worth taking.

We offer step-by-step instructions to eliminate that overwhelming feeling as you gain knowledge of what you need to know to become a best seller.

  • Determine your readership

  • Design your Style and introduce elements of genre

  • Create the book with step-by-step proven system

  • Editing your work 

  • Creating an Effective Pre-Launch

  • Introducing Book Launch and Signings

  • Networking With Authors & Readers

  • Sweat Equity Marketing Campaigns

  • Business Development and Publicity



Why are you writing a book that you decided to write?  What is the goal after the book is created?  What do you hope to accomplish by writing your book?

Most Important #1

Step #2



We will work with you to find your reading audience.  What kinds of audience building are you comfortable with? Behind the scenes? Online? Are you hiring a media consultant? What's your branding?

Step #3


You will need elements, arc, style, conflict, structure, and goals for completion.  Chances are you have a wealth of knowledge and you are itching to put everything down on paper. Writing is not merely purging. There are proven structures that commit the book to a more successful outcome. These tips and tricks apply to both fiction and nonfiction.  (Separate steps apply for Autobiography or Self Help Books.)  We will help you create an above industry-standard cover for your book, including how to obtain favorable reviews. 

Step #4



We provide a step by step sweat equity marketing plan as well as a commercial online platform with a strategic approach to book sales. This is the time to create a budget. This is the time to launch your Pre-Launch.  We help identify what will work in your genre, with the alignments you have obtained. We provide step by step instructions for both pre-and day of launch. 

Step #5



We have several opportunities to connect with successful authors and readers in your community to put your marketing campaign to work. We help connect you to authors, author support groups, conferences, workshops, possible speaking engagements, podcasting, interviews in the media, press releases and much more to obtain the credible continuous publicity your book deserves.

Step #6



Your job doesn't just end when a press release goes out.  We provide continuous encouragement and strategies to keep your work current. We teach how to do an effective book signing. W have compiled lists of festivals, fairs, and other applicable events in your area and provide those to you.  Let us take the manual labor out of continuous marketing by representing your work at the events we w are already participating in. 

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