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"I too have had the pleasure of attending Rebecca Nietert's writing groups, and she has taught me so much about the literary world. Her passion for sharing her knowledge with all writers is 'immeasurable.'" Jill Gandy ~ Author, Quality Assurance Manager

"Rebecca has helped me by leading the Lone Star Writers Club. As a part of Lone Star Writers, I have learned about the different types of publishing, how to get an agent, about the different types of writers, and many more topics related to writing and publishing. I have learned about how to plot a novel and how to organize the outline of your novel, so it has all the necessary parts and elements. I have benefited from two of her Plot to Publish workshops. I have also gotten helpful feedback about my novel from Rebecca."  Melanie Garrison - Co-Leader of Lone Star Writer's Club, Author

“Rebecca has been an immeasurable help in my journey as an author. While I understood "writing," she has a vast understanding of, and experience in, the business of publishing, promoting and distributing literature. From personal experience to a vast array of contacts in the industry, Rebecca has all the tools needed to achieve success as a writer. Without her, I wouldn't be the published author that I am today." M. Morgan "The Treasure of Largo Deep."

“Rebecca Nietert has been THE most valuable resource I have had in my journey toward publication. I do not know anyone who understands writing, editing, publishing, and marketing a book better than Nietert. I attended a “Plot to Publish” workshop recently which was lead by Nietert and was blown away by the resource notebook I received. And at the same time, not surprised. Rebecca Nietert is a well-respected expert. A published and accomplished writer in her own right, Nietert understands the complexities an unpublished writer faces. If you have the opportunity to work with Nietert you will be in the hands of a Five-Star professional that understands all aspects of the publishing field. There has never been a question that I have had that Nietert not only had a solution for - she explained the answer and solution in a way that nobody has ever done for me. It is because of Rebecca Nietert that I feel my book will be published. She has empowered me by continually providing resources and insights which have been priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my neophyte heart!” Kristina Brown is one of the authors of the suicide bill to introduce support for suicide prevention (988) to be enacted in July 2022. She received a representation offer after 1 week of #DFWCON! Her memoir is going to hit the market by storm!

"It is my pleasure to recommend Rebecca Nietert as a writing coach. Prior to attending DFWCon, Rebecca helped me refine my pitch, which paid off with several agents requesting my queries. Her experience in and knowledge of the publishing world have been valuable resources for me.” Rich Moore, IT Professional, Author/Actor 

"Rebecca understands how personal writing is, and she’s able to gracefully critique a work, provide constructive examples, and not destroy the delegate ego of a writer. I haven’t been around a group of withers until I stumbled onto her Lone Star Writing Club in Meetup but I think writers are some of the most insecure—We are difficult to encourage and require lots of TLC.” Roxanne Hodge - retired author and poet.

“Rebecca's help has been an immeasurable asset. Her commitment to aspiring authors is nothing less than amazing She has never failed to respond to my questions or concerns, and she is truly driven by her joy of helping others. Her guidance through the beginning stages of writing my memoir allowed me to organize my thoughts and ideas in an orderly fashion. Her assistance through every step of the writing process has provided me with the knowledge and confidence needed to move past my fears and produce some of my best writing ever.” Jeff Crockett - IT Security

Rebecca Nietert is the most knowledgeable resource I know for any aspiring author. Her expertise spans the writing process, editing, navigating the publishing world, and creating an online profile for your work. She has helped me immeasurably, and I have witnessed her provide guidance and counsel to new authors at every stage of their work's development. I greatly respect Rebecca's knowledge, and I highly recommend her as a guide and mentor.~ Fergal O Donnell, IT Executive

Rebecca Nietert is an asset to the Dallas/Fort Worth writing community. Her knowledge of writing and the publishing industry combined with her generosity and enthusiasm is helpful and encouraging to all. She creates an inclusive community of authors. Whatever your genre, whatever your comfort with the creative process, whatever your skill level, she welcomes you and nourishes your development. Trudi Taylor - Author

"Rebecca is a blessing in disguise for anyone who intends to enter and pave their path in the writing world. I say that because that path involves publishing, editing, networking, knowledge of the industry, timing, and analytics. All of that is done by simultaneously keeping the author or aspiring author's creativity in utmost respect and importance...In all my interactions with her I've seen her embrace creativity without boundaries and give guidance to make the best out of the art. I feel lucky to have met her and I recommend any author or creative writer to reach out to her cause she has the creative depth and expertise in industry and knowledge with the clearest of intentions and generosity in the heart." Kaveri Penmelsa

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