The crisp breeze and pronounced swell of waves crashing against the cliffs declare that autumn has come to an end in the Mediterranean. 

Sea gulls, fighting the head winds at the higher elevations, work to pass the cliffs of Monaco and the French hill towns, destined for the sheltered yacht harbor of Nice. 

Prominently anchored in the Monaco harbor is the “M. V. Reggae,” a vessel owned and operated by Erich König and his wife Bonigen. Curators of the Museum of Antiquities at Interlaken, Switzerland, the couple spend a portion of each year aboard their boat, seeking out long lost treasure-of-the-deep found throughout areas of the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic. 

At this point in history, part way through the 20th century, most ancient shipwrecks have been found. The Königs, however, enjoy their journeys and do occasionally discover valuable artifacts and glorious sunken treasure. 

On this day they lounge on deck enjoying a season ending brunch, while bidding farewell to their ship’s captain and loyal friend, Aukli Benmedgeber. Aukli is a Berber who makes his home in Tangier during the off season. 

As caterers come aboard, delivering and serving French delicacies to mark the occasion, Erich and Bonigen relay a startling bit of news to Aukli. The stunning and potentially life changing news will clearly define their voyage of discovery once the Atlantic winter storms have subsided. 

Deeply engrossed in discussion, they fail to notice that a basket of fruit placed on their table contains visitors, two very special escargots named Gabriella and Margo. These two little ladies come from a nearby orchard and are quite special, being a rare breed of snail born with arms and legs – greatly improving their mobility.

The Treasure of Largo Deep

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