Addie Meier joined Author Enterprise after graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with two BAs, one in English and one in History. Addie has loved books and stories her entire life and is a writer herself. She is currently working on a historical fiction inspired by the famous fairy tale, the Pied Piper of Hamelin.


Addie takes particular delight in helping authors make their visions and dreams into reality. She has an eye for the overall flow of work, as well as word choice and general mechanics. Addie reads across genres from classic authors to modern voices. This is reflected in her ability to adapt to any project that she takes on. Her expertise and passion are an asset to her clients who will always find her in their corner. 

Addie joins a unique team of exceptional professionals as the Editor in Chief of Author Enterprise.  With her vast experience in content creation, character development, the arc of the plots, and much more, she brings a fresh approach to your editing needs.  From ghostwriting to standard edits, Ms. Meier can make your work a masterpiece!  

Editor in Chief, Author Enterprise


Comprehensive feedback on your current manuscript.  $1.00 -per page. This step is crucial to establishing a best seller!

Concept Edits

Comprehensive edits on your manuscript including plot, character and arc as well as 3-act structure. $6.00 per page.

Line Edit

Your book is great and what you need is eyes on every line for mechanical and grammatical errors. $4.00 a page.


Polish your manuscript to perfection.  We proof every page so that it's publish-ready when it is returned.  $750 Flat Fee. 

R.A.N. Author Enterprise

Murphy, TX 75094

(303) 525-1373


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