List of Editors

Reina Cruz, Development Editor

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As an editor and author, I understand the slog revision can be. I look forward to working with more authors as they work to bring their fantastic tales to readers! Visit my website for more information about my services and for testimonials from my past clients: https://www.reinacruz

Specializing in thrillers, paranormal/supernatural fantasy, gothic, horror, and soft sci-fi

You've told a yarn. Sweat, blood, and tears poured into your story. I'd be honored to help you polish up your manuscript so it can become the fantastic tale that you know it to be. 

Erin R Lund, Editor & Proofreader

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Hi, I'm Erin. I am an editor and proofreader who helps writers refine their voices and polish their words so their stories will shine and stand out from the rest. Being a writer myself, I understand how you labor to bring your voice to the world and how important it is to work with someone who treats it with care. When your words shine, YOU shine! I provide developmental editing for creative nonfiction like memoir, spirituality, and self-help; and line and copy editing, and proofreading for both creative nonfiction and fiction, especially mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, and sci-fi. 

Augustin Kendall, Develop, Line, Copy & Proofread

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Augustin has been editing fiction and nonfiction since 2012. He enjoys working with both new and established authors, homing in on the changes that will help their manuscripts shine while protecting the author's voice and the heart of their writing. His editing approach incorporates education on best writing practices as well as direct editorial changes. Specialties include: sci-fi, fantasy, YA, literary fiction, action/adventure, thrillers, psychology, self-help, LGBTQIA, creative nonfiction, environment. He completed an editing certificate at NYU's Center for Publishing and has an MA in psychology and a BA in gender studies and philosophy. 

Kimberly Hunt, Developmental and Copy Editor

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 Your hard work deserves an editor you can trust. As certified experts, we are committed to helping authors through every stage of the writing process. Whether you need a quick critique session or an in-depth manuscript evaluation, we'd love to work with you. Together we’ll take your writing to the next level and ensure your book is a quality product we can both be proud of! Check out the links below to see how we can help you! 



  • Services: Developmental Editing, Manuscript Evaluation, Beta Reading, Copyediting, Proofreading, Outline Assessment, and Critique Sessions. Revision Division is here to help for every stage of the process. 

Catherine Thorsen, YA Editor

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Specialities: Strong female protagonists, cat-and-mouse-games, stalkers, unreliable narrators, small-town and family dynamics, LGBTQIA+, witches, ghosts, magic and mythology, YA paranormal romance.

My aim is to help you tell a great story. The story you just can’t put down, even after it’s finished, the characters that stay with you in your everyday life; the world you lose yourself in.

Editing can be hard work. And slow work. And comprehensive work. What is should not be is scary work, never-ending work, or chaotic work. At Carta Editorial Services I specialise in helping novice- and debut authors navigate their path to publication through a draft-to-finish approach to developmental editing and querying.

My focus is to help you improve your manuscript through encouraging and constructive feedback, focused on your strengths and your ambitions.

Genres: Psychological Thrillers, Domestic Thrillers, Mysteries, Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Epistolary Fiction, Magic Realism, Supernatural Thrillers, Urban Fantasy.

Megan Hennessey, Developmental & Line Editor

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I love a good love story. If you've got a fiery hero/heroine and a love interest with a sense of humor, I'd love to meet them. I give feedback on big-picture elements like plot, story structure, and dialogue. I also provide line edits to tighten paragraphs and make the story sparkle. I specialize in historical and contemporary romance and erotica. My favorite subgenres include LGBTQ+ and BDSM.