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15+ Years Experience as a 3-time Bestselling Author

We offer author services from initial creation all the way to promotion.  In the creation phase, we not only inform you of what this industry expects, and what your readers are looking for, but we hold your hand along the writing process. We offer complete services such as ghostwriting, coaching services, video tutorials, beta reads, and editing servicesClick here to learn more...


Complete Author Control

We are a Publishing Partnership company. This platform is a fairly new model combining the positives from the pay-to-publish approach, such as greater author control, keeping 100% of your profits, and shorter production time, along with the expertise of seasoned professionals to guide you through the publishing process. Click here to learn more...


Create a Top-Notch Media Kit

Create an Easy (Sweat Equity) Marketing Campaign

We can help you create your launch position from pre-publication campaigns to building press releases and media documents so that when you're ready to promote, you have everything you need.  Click here to learn more...


Book promotion is key to launching a new title successfully. To help you develop a promotional plan for a new book, we’ll walk you through the stages of a book launch, with examples of how successful authors have promoted theirs. Some of these book promotion ideas can help you drive preorders and sales now, while others can help build buzz and brand awareness to facilitate future sales. There will be times when not all of these book promotion ideas will be applicable all the time, and we encourage you to consider your unique audience, budget, and personal preferences before deciding where to invest your time. Click here to learn more...

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